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Midsummer Painting Nights in Liberty Village

Registration is now open for Midsummer Painting Nights for adults in Liberty Village. Please join us and get a sneak peek at the upcoming Liberty Social Club.

Shake up your Tuesday nights and be inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe (August 22), Steve Driscoll (August 29). Create and take home a different piece each night.

Tuesdays from 6 – 7:30

$45.00 per class

Join us at 117 Jefferson Ave

Questions? Contact us at

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Welcome Back!

Jamie McLean 4

Welcome back to the new school year! For me, September feels like more like the New Year than January. New classes, new school supplies and new experiences. Art in Action is very excited to launch our new fall program:


Travel through time and explore the visual arts with Art in Action!

Climb aboard our time machine and learn about art through the centuries.  Our art adventure begins 20,000 years ago at the Lascaux caves famous for their Palaeolithic cave paintings. We will travel through the Ming Dynasty, visit the Vikings, learn about the abstract art movement and more.

Inspired by famous artists through the ages, our program has an art history component as well as the tactile experience of working with a variety of materials such as watercolours, acrylics, collage materials, oil pastels, chalk pastels and more. To register for our program please go to our registration page on the date registration begins for your school. Questions? Contact us at

Registration begins:

Park Lawn Junior Middle School – September 15 @ 7pm

Swansea Junior and Senior Public School – September 16 @ 7pm

Lambton-Kingsway Junior Middle School – September 19 @ 7pm

Humbercrest Public School – September 20 @ 7pm

Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School – September 21 @ 7pm

Kingsway College School – registration is done through the school


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Magnolia Blooms – Inspired by Mary Delaney

IMG_1619 IMG_1620

IMG_1623 IMG_1624

“People who seem to spring into artistic action were in fact, quietly preparing for years.” – Mary Delaney

Mary Delaney was born in Coulston, Wiltshire, England in the year 1700. Her family was well established and during her youth she studied history, music, needlework and dancing.

At the age of 72 she began her life’s work creating 985 life-size, three-dimensional, scientifically-correct botanical prints now held by the British Museum. She was the first artist to utilize the art of collage.

By placing one piece of paper upon another she sometimes built up several layers and in a complete picture there might be hundreds of pieces to form one plant. It is thought she first dissected each plant so that she might examine it carefully for accurate portrayal. Mary’s works used background paper washed with india ink, then treated with size to make them shiny. She dyed the collage bits herself or found wallpaper remnants and created her mosaics.

We were inspired by spring and the beauty of magnolia’s to create our pieces this week. Students used old gift cards to scrape paint across the watercolour paper to create their backgrounds. Next they drew their branch and used blending techniques with acrylic paint to create their blooms.

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Kingsway College Art Display


Art in Action has been teaching at Kingsway College School since 2013. Above is a recent display of student artwork from our Fall 2015 session. We are honoured to be able to work with the students, teachers and parents of the KCS community.

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Getting Ready for Fall…

Jamie McLean 4

We are really excited to start our the school year and introduce students to our NEW fall program. In this session students will learn about famous artists like Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, Dr. Seuss and many more. We will introduce important principles of art like positive and negative space, warm and cool colours, silhouettes, proportion and many others. Students will experiment and work with: watercolours, acrylics, collage materials, oil pastels, soft pastels and other supplies.

Art in Action will be running fall classes at Humbercrest Public School, Swansea Public School, Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School, Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School,  and Kingsway College School.

Registration begins on the following dates:

  • Humbercrest – September 21
  • Lambton Kingsway – September 22
  • Swansea – September 23
  • Humber Valley – September 24

PLEASE note that our registration  will open at a NEW time, 7pm.

Please refer to our Registration page for information on session dates for each school. Please contact us at with any questions.

Join Art in Action to make your own unforgettable works of art!

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Swansea Craft Sale – Join Us!

Join us this Saturday, November 22 at the Swansea Craft Sale. We will be hosting the children’s craft area in the big gym and have some great art projects for children of all ages to try. Come for a visit and some creativity from 10 – 3pm at the Swansea School and Community Center.

Our workshop has been filled with snowflakes as we get ready for the event. We hope to see you there!




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Inspired by Fall…

fall_leaves_617Micky via Creative Commons

A new school year has begun and we are very excited to start a brand new session of Art in Action that is inspired by fall.

We will be learning about J.E.H. MacDonald, Grant Wood, Claude Monet, Andy Goldsworthy, perspective, vanishing points and more…

We will be working with: watercolours, acrylic paints, palette knife techniques, collage materials, oil pastels and other supplies.

Sign up dates:

  • Humbercrest Public School – September 22 (7am)
  • Lambton Kingsway – September 23 (7am)
  •  Kingsway College – on going
  •  Swansea Public School – September 25 (7am)

Classes begin the week of October 6th! Register early to avoid disappointment.

To register please click on our Registration tab and fill out our online form. Any questions, please contact us at:

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