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Group of Seven Art Class at Blessed Sacrament!



Art in Action is really excited to be offering a Group of Seven Art Class at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School . REGISTER NOW space is limited.

Join us Tuesday’s after-school to create projects inspired by artists from the Group of Seven. Students will learn about the life and works of Lawren Harris, A.Y. Jackson, Arthur Lismer, and many others including Emily Carr who is closely associated with the group. Students will have the tactile experience of working with a variety of art materials including: watercolours, acrylics, collage materials, oil pastels, chalk pastels, spray techniques and more.

  • Grades 1 – 6: Tuesday’s (Dec 5, Dec 12, Dec 19, Jan 9, Jan 16, Jan 23, Jan 30 and Feb 6)
  • After-school from 3:00-4:00
  • $135.00 for 8 weeks

Any questions about our programming? Please email us at

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Swansea Craft Sale 2017 – Join Us!!!


Join us this Saturday, November 18th at the Swansea Craft Sale! This amazing sale is at The Swansea Community Centre located at 207 Windermere Avenue.  Enter through the main doors of  the community centre at 15 Waller Avenue.

Ticket sales benefit the Swansea Family in Need Holiday Fund.

Join Art in Action in the Bell Hall to make your own holiday creation, free! Art in Action has been a sponsor of this event for the past 4 years and it never fails to put us in the holiday mood. Please stop by and say hi….

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How To Foster More Creativity in Your Children

Background artwork of quote from the artist Amira Rahim

Many parents hold the false belief that some children are born inherently creative and others just don’t have it. Everyone has the ability to be creative. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be used and flexed in order to grow strong and confident.

Having a creative outlook can improve all areas of a person’s life. From how to solve a math problem to banishing boredom to overcoming a difficulty in a personal relationship, creativity is a skill that can transform the outcome of any issue.

Using creativity as a skill allows children to become more flexible and better at solving problems.

How can parents foster more of it?

Have a dedicated area in your home for art supplies. Just a plastic bin or drawer is all you need. Have cheap drawing paper (copy paper), inexpensive watercolour paper, markers, crayons, oil pastels, soft pastels, watercolour paint, craft acrylic paint, brushes, glue, old magazines, etc…in the bin for easy access.

Let kids create whatever they want without having a judgement on the outcome! Art making is processed based meaning that it is discovered through creating and not by focussing on the end product. Let kids have fun exploring and discovering as they go.  Making art spurns curiosity,  if I make this line like this and put this colour here what happens next?

Join in on the fun and make your own art along with them. Paint a picture together. Let them make a brush stroke and then you make one, see where it leads naturally.

Cover a wall with their creations and congratulate yourself on helping them flex their creative muscles and watch them grow stronger each day.

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Adult Art Classes

Are you curious about the art world? Do you sometimes wonder how your children create the pieces they bring home? Are you looking to learn something new? You can now join Art in Action and enroll in our adult classes too!

Each night we will be inspired by a different artist: Georgia O’Keeffe, Steve Driscoll, Tom Thomson and Rex Ray.  Create and take home a different piece each night.   

  • ***Thursday, Oct. 5 – Thursday, Oct. 26, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
  • Course Fee: $100.00
  • Classes will be held at Lambton Kingsway School

To register go to Art in Action Registration

***The dates for this class have been changed due to an event at the school.

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Get Inspired This Fall!

Art in Action is very excited for the new school year to begin. Fall is filled with so many possibilities to try something new. Join us to create projects inspired by Wolf Kahn, Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Cezanne, Michael Snow and many others. All of our projects are brand new and we can’t wait to work with watercolours, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels, spray techniques and and many other supplies.

Registration for our fall programs will begin on the following dates:

Lambton Kingsway – Monday, September 18th, 7pm

Swansea Public School – Tuesday, September 19th, 7pm

Humbercrest – Wednesday, September 20th, 7pm

Park Lawn – Thursday, September 21st, 7pm

Humber Valley Village – Thursday, September 21st, 7pm

Please contact us at with any questions!



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Midsummer Painting Nights in Liberty Village

Registration is now open for Midsummer Painting Nights for adults in Liberty Village. Please join us and get a sneak peek at the upcoming Liberty Social Club.

Shake up your Tuesday nights and be inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe (August 22), Steve Driscoll (August 29). Create and take home a different piece each night.

Tuesdays from 6 – 7:30

$45.00 per class

Join us at 117 Jefferson Ave

Questions? Contact us at

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Welcome Back!

Jamie McLean 4

Welcome back to the new school year! For me, September feels like more like the New Year than January. New classes, new school supplies and new experiences. Art in Action is very excited to launch our new fall program:


Travel through time and explore the visual arts with Art in Action!

Climb aboard our time machine and learn about art through the centuries.  Our art adventure begins 20,000 years ago at the Lascaux caves famous for their Palaeolithic cave paintings. We will travel through the Ming Dynasty, visit the Vikings, learn about the abstract art movement and more.

Inspired by famous artists through the ages, our program has an art history component as well as the tactile experience of working with a variety of materials such as watercolours, acrylics, collage materials, oil pastels, chalk pastels and more. To register for our program please go to our registration page on the date registration begins for your school. Questions? Contact us at

Registration begins:

Park Lawn Junior Middle School – September 15 @ 7pm

Swansea Junior and Senior Public School – September 16 @ 7pm

Lambton-Kingsway Junior Middle School – September 19 @ 7pm

Humbercrest Public School – September 20 @ 7pm

Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School – September 21 @ 7pm

Kingsway College School – registration is done through the school


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