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How to Create Mood – Halloween Inspiration

In today’s class, we looked at the mood in a painting.  Mood refers to the feeling created in the artwork.  The use of the elements and principles of design affect mood in a painting.  The lines, colours, shapes, values and textures in the work and how they are organized through harmony, variety, balance, emphasis and unity.

 The subject matter – people, trees, buildings, objects etc.  and the way they are represented influence the mood of a painting.  The sensory qualities, emotional aspects, symbolism in the work, context – the time period and culture in which the work was produced and even the technical aspects – the medium, materials processes, techniques and style employed by the artist all affect mood.

In today’s class, we created a spooky Halloween mood by using dark colours, making bumpy textured trees with reaching “hands” for branches and a full moon with spooky clouds – hopefully, it isn’t too scary!

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