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Landscapes Inspired by Tom Thomson

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Tom Thomson was born August 5th, 1877 in Claremont Ontario.  He was the sixth of ten children. Although he was always interested in the arts, he did not devote his career to painting until he was 30.

In 1904, while working as a draftsman he met members of the Group of Seven.  Although Thomson was closely associated with the artists in the Group of Seven, the Group of Seven was not founded until after his death.

To offset his art career, Thomson worked as a firefighter, a ranger and a guide to Algonquin Park while living on his own in a shack on Canoe Lake.  Here he produced his most famous work: Jack pine, West Wind and Northern River.

Thomson died mysteriously on a canoe trip in 1917 at 39 years old.

Students used watercolours, acrylic paint and chalk pastels to create their own landscapes inspired by Tom Thomson.

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Spring Landscape – Inspired by Edward Hopper

“If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.  

Edward Hopper



Edward Hopper was born in 1882 in Upper Nyack, New York and was encouraged from an early age to pursue his love of art. Throughout his career he became famous for his iconic imagery and austere style. His most famous piece, “Nighthawks” shows four patrons in a café and came to epitomise the feelings of Americans in the Second World War. He became known as a ‘pictorial poet’ who recorded the starkness and vastness of America. He painted hotels, motels, trains and public places where people gathered. His paintings stress the theme of loneliness.

We used many techniques to paint these landscapes. The fluffy white clouds were created by pulling the blue watercolour off of the paper with a tissue and letting the white of the paper shine through. I love the the colours and perspective that the students created.

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