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The Group of Seven

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It’s probably hard for anyone looking at my landscapes today to realize that I was once regarded as a rebel, a dangerous influence; that I’ve been told I was on the verge of insanity, that my painting was nothing but meaningless daubs. Lawren Harris, the man most responsible for drawing the Group of Seven together, was accused of something perilously close to treason – his paintings, said his severest critics, were discouraging immigration.” – A.Y. Jackson

Recently we joined a group of mature adults and spent the afternoon creating our own fall landscapes inspired by the the work of the Group of Seven.

The Group of Seven believed that a distinct style of Canadian art should be developed through direct contact with Canada’s rugged wilderness.  This style would break from European traditions and reflect an increasingly nationalistic sentiment for its paintings that were inspired by the Canadian landscape.  The group of Seven was the first major Canadian art movement.

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Our Own Take on Kandinsky

“Everything starts from a dot.”

Wassily Kandinsky

Kandinsky was one of the first artists to create completely abstract (non-representational) art. Due to his special ability to hear colours (called synaesthesia cognate) his pieces made no reference to the natural world. We were inspired by his piece Several Circles to create our own abstract piece.

Our classroom was very quiet while the students were creating these. Perhaps they could hear the music Kandinsky could see?


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Emily Carr Landscapes

“Trees love to toss and sway; they make such happy noises.”

Emily Carr

Emily Carr was our artist today and we used her painting, “Blue Sky, 1932” as our inspiration piece. We learned about this famous Canadian‘s life, work and influences.

She is known as the first artist to attempt to capture the spirit of Canada in a modern style.

We learned about the term ‘mixed media’ and used acrylic paints and chalk pastel to create our paintings. Highlights and shadows helped to complete our forest scenes.

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Our Own ‘Starry Night’

Van Gogh’s Starry Night was the inspiration for our projects yesterday. The energy of his brush strokes and genius with colour and texture was our jumping off point for a watercolour-collage piece.

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Take a look at their masterpieces:

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Art in Action

We are so excited to have our very own blog and share news about Art in Action! Stay tuned for more posts soon…

A bit about us…

Art in Action believes that every child has a unique artistic expression to be discovered and developed. We are focussed on sparking the creativity in every child through inspiring visual art projects. As children create their own unforgettable works of art they learn new ways of perceiving and looking at the world around them. This art enrichment program fosters individual free thinking, risk taking and problem solving.


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