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Bikes Inspired by Michael Valenti

IMG_3087 IMG_3088

Michael Valenti has been creating images and advertising campaigns as an Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for more than thirty years.

Michael Valenti works for Fortune 500 companies as well as small wineries in Michigan, creating advertising and design solutions for clients like Allstate, McDonald’s, Eli Lilly, Hallmark, Disney, Morgan Stanley, Pillsbury, Kraft, Kellogg’s and Procter & Gamble.  Valenti has also worked with smaller clients, including Timberland, Carnival Cruise Lines and the Round Barn Winery.

This summer, Michael Valenti plans to follow the Tour de France and draw each day. He will post daily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Students did a great job drawing their bikes and creating the landscape background. It’s time to go out for a bike ride…

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Wolf Kahn – A Spring Landscape

“Keep the childlike vision and remain true to your ideas.”

-Wolf Kahn

Wolf Kahn was born on October 4th 1927 in Germany.  He is a German-born American painter and began drawing at the age of four.  Wolf Kahn is known for his work in pastels and oil paint.  He combines realism landscapes with Colour Field theory. He currently lives in New York City and during the summer and autumn he lives on a hillside farm in Vermont.

The students created their own landscapes in the style of Wolf Kahn. They learned how to mix watercolours using a wet-into-wet technique.


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Art in Action

We are so excited to have our very own blog and share news about Art in Action! Stay tuned for more posts soon…

A bit about us…

Art in Action believes that every child has a unique artistic expression to be discovered and developed. We are focussed on sparking the creativity in every child through inspiring visual art projects. As children create their own unforgettable works of art they learn new ways of perceiving and looking at the world around them. This art enrichment program fosters individual free thinking, risk taking and problem solving.


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