Lighthouses Inspired by Andrew Wyeth

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“I don’t really have studios. I wander around people’s attics, out in fields, in cellars, anyplace I find that invites me. ”

 -Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth was born on July 12, 1917.  As a young child he was home-tutored by his father, the illustrator N.C. Wyeth.  

At a time when many painters were looking for new directions to explore in abstract art, the realistic painter Andrew Wyeth became one of America’s most widely acclaimed artists. In his art, Wyeth’s favorite subjects were the land and people around him, both in his hometown of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and at his summer home in Cushing, Maine. Wyeth often noted: “I paint my life.”

One of the best-known images in 20th-century American art is his painting Christina’s World, currently in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. This tempera was painted in 1948, when Wyeth was 31 years old.

Students were inspired by the painting, Snowy Morning and used watercolours, acrylics and many different techniques to create their dark and stormy lighthouses.

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