Jelly Fish Inspired by Tamara Phillips

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“I have always had the curious mind of a scientist and the reckless abandon of an artist. I will always be part scientist, part artist.”

– Tamara Phillips

Tamara Phillips was born in Victoria, British Columbia. Watercolor is her medium of choice as it allows her to create in the outdoors and the transparent quality of colour helps her work come alive. She is often painting while travelling and watercolour paint is easy to carry and she has even painted some of her pieces with sea water directly out of the ocean.

She says “Most of my paintings are spontaneously produced, meaning I don’t thoroughly plan the composition. Instead, I let the pigment and water lead the way: when the paint smears, smudges, pools, or runs into an unplanned place, instead of cursing the mistake, I am thankful for the spontaneous initiative and work it into the piece. In essence, my paintings are a cohesion of mistakes.”

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