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Swansea Craft Sale – Join Us!

Join us this Saturday, November 22 at the Swansea Craft Sale. We will be hosting the children’s craft area in the big gym and have some great art projects for children of all ages to try. Come for a visit and some creativity from 10 – 3pm at the Swansea School and Community Center.

Our workshop has been filled with snowflakes as we get ready for the event. We hope to see you there!




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Tints and Tones

Recently we learned about monochromatic colour schemes that use a variation of lightness and saturation of one main colour.  Paintings like this produce a soothing effect because the colours go so well together.  Within monochromatic schemes, tints, shades and tones are used with the main hue.

With our art example today we used a monochromatic colour scheme using burnt umber and burnt Sienna and white (tint) to create a monochromatic landscape.

Tints and tones 2Tints and tones 3Tints and tones 4tints and tones 5

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Autumn Reflection – Jamie McLean

 “I want the viewer to look – relate and then look again.”

-Jamie MacLean

Students created their own autumn reflections in our class. Inspired by a local artist, Jamie MacLean who’s oil landscapes are about capturing the emotional energy and enjoyment from being outside.  He connects with the viewer through the use of strong colours, and shadows.  His art conveys his enjoyment and awe of the rugged outdoors by using motifs such as crashing waves, luminescent birches, mossy rocks, and wind-whipped leaves.

Bright blue skies and colourful foliage inspired us and we used a variety of art materials to capture the energy of this time of year.

Jamie McLean 1Jamie McLean 2Jamie McLean 3Jamie McLean 4

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