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Wolf Kahn – A Spring Landscape

“Keep the childlike vision and remain true to your ideas.”

-Wolf Kahn

Wolf Kahn was born on October 4th 1927 in Germany.  He is a German-born American painter and began drawing at the age of four.  Wolf Kahn is known for his work in pastels and oil paint.  He combines realism landscapes with Colour Field theory. He currently lives in New York City and during the summer and autumn he lives on a hillside farm in Vermont.

The students created their own landscapes in the style of Wolf Kahn. They learned how to mix watercolours using a wet-into-wet technique.


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Wang Yani – Plum Blossom’s

   “I do not paint to get praise from others, but to play a game of endless joy.”

-Wang Yani

Last week we welcomed spring into our classrooms and learned about the Chinese artist, Wang Yani. She was born in Gongcheng, a small town in Southern China, on May 2, 1975.

At a very young age she was introduced to painting by her father Wang Shiqiang, an art teacher and oil painter himself.  When she was just two Wang Yani thought she would “help” her father and painted on one of his paintings.  Although her father was angry at first, he soon understood that Wang Yani was ‘born to paint’.

When she was just three years old she began painting monkeys and by the age of four was travelling through China giving painting demonstrations.  One of her pieces was made into a Chinese postage stamp when she was eight years old.  Her artwork was seen in galleries around the world by the time she was thirteen.

We completed this entire project without the use of a paint brush. The students did a great job and spring was really brought to life.


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