Art in Action

We are so excited to have our very own blog and share news about Art in Action! Stay tuned for more posts soon…

A bit about us…

Art in Action believes that every child has a unique artistic expression to be discovered and developed. We are focussed on sparking the creativity in every child through inspiring visual art projects. As children create their own unforgettable works of art they learn new ways of perceiving and looking at the world around them. This art enrichment program fosters individual free thinking, risk taking and problem solving.


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3 Responses to Art in Action

  1. Hi Sarah and Tanja. Kingsley is interested in learning more about your program.I was hoping you could email me at or calling 416-233-0150 to figure out a time to have you come and meet our principal Louisa Florio and show her your samples. She has time this week on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, I think.

    Rebecca Enkin
    h 416-763-4213

    • Hi Rebecca – we would love to talk to Kingsley Primary School about our program. Your comment didn’t include your email address. Please contact us at and we will get right in touch with you!

  2. Marina Wolanski

    I can’t believe I have not looked at this before. What a BEAUTIFUL web site. The kids work is lovely and it is great that you have a brief synopsis about each artist/class. I also find it is cool that you have included the paint pallet in certain areas- looks great. No wonder Emilie loves this class so much. Congratulations !! Marina